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Heva Online masuk . .

HEVA Online , game campuran yang disebut - sebut percampuran SEAL dan Ro ini meunyai keunikan tersendiri , beberapa keunikan dari game ini adalah sebagai berikut :
- Battle dengan pemain lain , walaupun pemain tidak berada di dalam PvP
- Harus menginfo dulu lawan nya jika tidak ingin pingsan mendadak pada saat battle
- Ciri khas dalam game heva online ini ialah hadirnya Jan-ken-pon , Title dengan nama sendiri , hadiah pada archivment dengan cara menekan tombol F9 1x .
- mudahnya membuat GUILD ,
- jika tidak mampu membeli cash maka lebih baik rajin2 menabung :)
Animasi yang terbilang bagus ini juga merupakan satu kelebihan dari game ini . berikut ini adalah hasil review dari heva :
- GM aktif dan sering memberikan event2 yang sangat menarik.
- Sangat disukai bagi pecinta MMOPRG dan Animasi Dikarenakan tampilannya , mulai dari avatar dengan character di anime2 , clone yang chubi , couple dan dungeon couple , dan banyak lagi .
Heva Online adalah MMORPG terbaru yang dikembangkan oleh PlayBuster dan dipublukasikan oleh Windysoft di Korea. Heva Online merupakan game 3D cute MMORPG dengan tampilan grafis & karakter yang super imut.

Yang mao daftar & download langsung aja ke

Berikut beberapa cara untuk mendapatkan title :

- Kaul Killer = Bunuh Kaul Di Goblin Outpost.. Lalu Item Quest Dari Kaull Otomatis Masuk Ke Dalam Inventory Cloners.. Click Item Quest Tersebut Untuk Mendapatkan Quest Baru Dengan Hadiah Title "Kaul Killer"
Efek : Kecepatan Gerak +10

- Faster than Eyes = Memenangkan Adu Suit / Jankenpon Dengan Total Hadiah x32 Exp Sebanyak 10x
Efek : MAX MP -55%+-200, MAX HP +1000

- Mind reading teacher = Memenangkan Adu Suit / Jankenpon Dengan Total Hadiah x64 Exp Sebanyak 1x
Efek : Critical +2.

- The Lord of contacts = Menambah Teman Sebanyak 100 Orang.
Efek : Kecepatan Gerak +30

- Naughty Boy = Menukarkan Halloween Pumpkin Sebanyak 200 Buah Dengan Naughty Boy Scroll Quest Di NPC Devil Pumpkin Sebelah NPC Kai Chico Town.
Efek : -

- Billionaire = Tempa Senjata Sampai +8
Efek : -

- Impregnable defense = Tempa Armor Sampai +8
Efek : -

Credit : daimyo

- Amateur dancers = Belajar 10 Gerakan Dansa Dasar.
Efek : Max HP+2%, HP regen+7
Credit : midzkun
P.S : Gerakan Dansa Spesial Seperti Gangnam Style Tidak Termasuk.

- Traveller = Menjalankan Hiden Quest yang Di Berikan Oleh NPC Traveller's Bones Tidak Jauh Dari NPC Lepy, Cara Nya Dengan Berbicara Kepada NPC Traveller's Bones Dan Kalian Akan Mendapatkan Item Old Diary Books Check Tas Dan Klik 2x Maka Hiden Quest Akan Berjalan, Selanjut Nya Berbicara Dengan NPC Lepy Dan Mendapatkan Tittle Traveller.
Effect : HP +50

- Gathering Expert = Lakukan Gathering sebanyak 300 kali
Efek : Recover +10

- Natural Gatherers = Lakukan Gathering sebanyak 500 kali
Efek : Recover +20

Credit : AdityaGame

- Brave : Kalahkan 1000 atau lebih monster yang minimal 5 level diatas kamu.
Efek : Regen HP dan MP +10
Credit : chuno

- Millionaire : Expand Warehouse 4x (Pakai Warehouse Expansion Dari Item Mall)
Effect : Attack 2% + 10 & Magic 2% + 10

- Genuine gambler : Upgrade Senjata Sampai +10
Effect : Attack 1% +13 & Magic 1% +13

Credit : asherjz

- Challenger = Mencapai 10.000 poin dalam Challenge Dungeon
Effect : Max HP 2% + 500

Credit : Luxuryli15

Bagi Yang Belum Tau Gatherers Itu Apa.. Gather Tuh Menggunakan Skill Mining Dan Herbalism.. Nyabutin Tanaman Dan Cangkulin Batu .

Beberapa even terbaru dari heva online : "belaku 12 December 2012 - 16 Januari 2013"
Event akan dibagi dalam 4 Periode dan 4 Batas ketentuan Level

Periode 1
Cloners harus memiliki minimal Level 10-19 pada akhir periode 1 ini dimulai pada : 12 December 2012 ~ 16 December 2012
Hadiah yang didapat jika berhasil menaikkan level sampai batas level diatas adalah sebagai berikut :

- Kai Bag 10 slot
- Khun Set 3 days
- 50 Stamina potion

Periode 2

Cloners harus memiliki minimal Level 20-29 pada akhir periode 2 ini dimulai pada : 16 December 2012 ~ 24 December 2012
Hadiah yang didapat jika berhasil menaikkan level sampai batas level diatas adalah sebagai berikut :
- Kai Bag 15 slot
- Khun Set 3 days
- 4 Vicarious Stone
- 25 Small Stamina Potion
- Twinkle Fairy 7 days

Periode 3

Cloners harus memiliki minimal Level 30-39 pada akhir periode 3 ini dimulai pada : 24 December 2012 ~ 1 January 2013
Hadiah yang didapat jika berhasil menaikkan level sampai batas level diatas adalah sebagai berikut :
- Kai Bag 20 slot
- Scroll of Growth 7 days
- 8 Vicarious Stone
- 50 Small Stamina potion
- Twinkle Fairy 7 days

Periode 4

Cloners harus memiliki minimal Level 40 pada akhir periode 4 ini dimulai pada : 1 January 2012 ~ 14 January 2013
Hadiah yang didapat jika berhasil menaikkan level sampai batas level diatas adalah sebagai berikut :
- Kai bag 25 slot
- Scroll of Growth 7 days
- 12 Vicarious Stone
- 100 Small Stamina Potion
- Fairy Gift Box

Special Prize

1 Buah Random Avatar Legend
"Hadiah ini hanya untuk Cloners yang mengikuti seluruh Periode Event ini mulai dari Periode 1 - Periode 4"

1 Buah Random Avatar Rare
"Hadiah ini hanya untuk Cloners yang hanya mengikuti 3 Periode* saja"

*Contoh : Mengikuti periode 1 , 2 , 3 atau periode 2 , 3 , 4

Syarat dan Ketentuan :

- 1 ID hanya bisa mendaftarkan 1 karakter.

- Cloners bisa mendapatkan seluruh hadiah per periodenya jika berhasil melewati batas minimum level yang ditentukan per periodenya.

- Untuk mendapatkan Legendary Random Avatar, cloners harus membuat ID baru dan karakter baru.

- Cloners yang menaikkan level mereka sampai batas level dan periode event yang di tentukan akan mendapatkan hadiah.

- Cloners yang sudah memiliki level tertentu akan mendapatkan hadiah juga,tergantung dengan batas level dan periode event yang ditentukan.

Pembagian Hadiah : Setiap Hari Rabu saat maintenance mingguan.

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ada web chat indo bagus nihh,,

The 160 Million Dollar AdSense Arbitrage Trainwreck

WARNING: article is interesting only if you know what AdSense and arbitrage means and if you are interested in internet marketing.

Cover story: Blown away
A record $160-million VC investment. A rich Web strategy. A quirky founder. For a few weeks last spring, Guelph, Ont.'s Geosign had it all. Then mighty Google stirred. And it was over

Robert Thompson, Financial Post Business
Published: Tuesday, March 04, 2008

It started simply as another "town hall." No surprise in that - Geosign Corp. employees were used to town-hall meetings because they happened almost monthly. Staff would leave the office, pile into cars and make the short drive to the Holiday Inn on the south edge of sleepy Guelph, Ont., where Geosign was located. Once assembled, they'd typically get an earful from management about the business, new initiatives and big plans for the future.

The only difference this late May day was that the meeting had been hastily arranged, with employees directed to the hotel that morning. But why worry? Just 12 weeks earlier, Geosign had joined the elite list of hottest Web companies in the world. After operating for seven years in near-anonymity, an hour's drive from the prying eyes of Bay Street, Geosign landed the largest-ever venture-capital investment for a Canadian tech company:

$160 million, for which U.S. investor American Capital Strategies Ltd. got a "significant" minority stake. At that time, Geosign said it had more than $100 million in sales. And it was hiring new employees like crazy. At the previous town hall in mid-April, CEO Ted Hastings, who took over from Geosign's founder and chairman Tim Nye that January, discussed a new facility they were planning for all the staff, then numbering more than 250. There, they would keep building their online media "powerhouse." Geosign boasted a network of 180 websites, with consumer news and information content ranging from hockey to girlfriends to lawn furniture. It said it had created a technology that drove traffic to its sites through placements in search engines, with up to 35 million unique visitors landing each month. Given the red-hot interest in Internet advertising, American Capital managing director Virginia Turezyn said Geosign's true value lay in its "automated systems," not its content.

For everyone arriving at the Holiday Inn, the future seemed golden. But as soon as they were assembled, things turned strange. Each employee was handed an envelope. In the envelope was a piece of paper with a geometric shape on it - triangle or square. That's when the bomb dropped. Hastings told the assembly that there had been a massive change to the company's business model, brought about by search engine and Web advertising giant Google Inc. It would require massive adjustments, but Geosign would persevere, he said. Stunned employees tried to decipher what was happening. Many had just joined the company to create "webzine" content packages for its sites. What did Google have to do with their online magazines anyway?

Those with triangles in their envelopes were directed to speak with human resources staff on the premises. Regardless of their circumstance or how long they'd been with the firm, the triangle indicated their time at Geosign was over. Between 50 and 100 people were cut that day, with many more to follow. "It was awful," says one former employee. "None of us knew what was happening. It didn't make sense. The woman standing next to me had just quit her job and moved to the city to start. She burst into tears when she realized she'd just been fired."

Companies fail all the time. Sometimes with little warning. But companies that are highly profitable and only weeks removed from a record-setting venture capital investment? Not so much. Yet in Geosign's case, the cuts that began last May continued through the summer. Late last year, fewer than 100 employees remained. Today, Geosign itself no longer exists, its still-functioning website an empty reminder of its former promise. And while the national business media has, until now, overlooked the story - surprising, given the size of the investment and the fact that Google played a direct role in the outcome - within Canada's technology and venture-capital communities, the $160-million investment is known as the deal "that didn't go well." When the collapse happened, even jaded industry watchers accustomed to financial debacles in the tech sector were stunned. "I've seen a lot of meltdowns," says Duncan Stewart, a technology and investment analyst in Toronto. "But something happening like this, over just a few weeks, that's unprecedented in my experience."

The same question occurs to everyone: How did a business making $100 million a year, a company so full of promise, disintegrate so quickly? With Geosign, it turns out, there's more to the tale than anyone directly involved has so far been willing to say. And much of it revolves not around its plans for a content powerhouse, but the story of how the Guelph startup found a loophole in Google's vaunted advertising model, enabling it to make boatloads of cash - until Google decided enough was enough.

It's hard to know exactly what Tim Nye had in mind when he established Geosign in 2000, the same year Google launched its first keyword-targeted ad program, the money-spinner at the core of its enterprise. "Geosign wasn't much more than a shell at that time," says Jim Estill, CEO of Synnex Canada, a Toronto-based computer distributor, who invested in two of Nye's earlier ventures. "But it had Tim, and he's one of those consummate entrepreneurs who fails sometimes but keeps coming up with new ideas." Nye's first company, Carbotek Computing, had been a computer parts distributor. His second, a software company called CadSoft, was a "marginal success" according to Estill. Nye sold that in 1998.

Estill says Nye bucked conventions, wore his hair long, preferred jeans to suits and had bold ideas. "He's technically creative, the type who knows what computers can do," he says. "There's a tendency in the press to make everyone either a dog or a god. The truth is most people are somewhere in between. Tim is no different. He has shortcomings, but he's also a highly creative guy."

Retracing Geosign's origins through old news stories, Nye sounds like he spent considerable time searching for a business model. In early interviews, he described Geosign's business in vague terms, suggesting it was somehow linking online consumers with local businesses. "The market is connecting buyer to seller, and up to now, the consumer has been left out," Nye told the Guelph Mercury in 2001. He called his new technology "geosearching," and added that his company had inked an arrangement with an Internet search engine, but wouldn't disclose the name. Still, he told confidantes and investors that he had grand ambitions for Geosign extending far beyond Guelph, concepts that would create a business with huge upside. Not that anyone outside of a small circle knew of Nye's plans. For the next five years he stayed out of the limelight. Even in a small city like Guelph, he and Geosign garnered no media attention.

Meanwhile, as Nye tinkered away in silence, Google was doing just the opposite, laying claim to the title of most popular search engine. More significant, perhaps, was the success of its keyword-targeted ad program. To recap, Google began selling advertisements associated with keywords that would be searched by Internet users. Pricing of keywords was based on a combination of bidding and click-through use. As Google's popularity soared, so did the price it could charge for linking an ad to a keyword. For example, if your company wanted the phrase "car accident lawyer," it could cost upwards of US$38 per click to have the most prominent ad link on the Google page when that term was searched. Less common phrases cost less, as little as 5¢.

In 2003, Google made another huge leap forward on the advertising side, with the launch of its AdSense program. Essentially, this application allowed people to put keyword-targeted ad links, served by Google, on their own websites, with them and Google splitting revenue tied to the volume of user click-throughs. As its popularity grew, a cottage industry began to develop called "search arbitrage." Essentially, search arbitrage involves an individual or company buying Internet traffic through the acquisition of keywords from Google, then sending viewers who click on the ad links to a site ("landing page" in Google terminology) that appears to have content, but is actually just full of online advertising linked to the original search term. Anyone clicking an ad link there makes money for the keyword holder. For example, a company might bid for the Google rights to the phrase "small town car sales" and send traffic to a website it controls, filled with more car advertisements, called "" The keyword cost only 20¢, while a click on the advertising on the website might yield $1.50 return. According to Niki Scevak, an analyst at Jupiter Research in New York, the majority of those initially involved in search arbitrage were small players. "These were guys running search arbitrage out of their basements, making maybe $20,000 a month," he says.

As the possibilities of the arbitrage business became apparent, however, other more ambitious players got interested. One of them, it seems, was Geosign. While both Nye and Hastings declined to comment when contacted for this story, former Geosign insiders who spoke on the condition of anonymity confirm that the possibility of a big payoff in search arbitrage caught Nye's attention after he created Geosign. What's more, he envisioned a network of thousands of websites all automated by software linking keywords to pages filled with ads, returning millions in cash in the process.

By 2005 that was exactly what was happening. Nye crafted a maze of Internet sites that included tens of thousands of Web pages and bought up even more keywords from Google. By connecting the keywords and the websites, Geosign was indeed generating more than $100 million in annual revenue and was extremely profitable. To put a value on the company at this time, analyst Scevak points to Marchex Inc., a publicly traded company in Seattle, Wash., with a comparable business model. At its peak in 2006, Marchex had a market capitalization of US$500 million.

Meanwhile, Nye began to run Geosign like his version of a California dot-com at the peak of the investing craze in the late 1990s. He brought three Segway Personal Transporters into the office. "They didn't make any sense at all given the size of our offices," says one former employee. "But we used them anyway." Wolfgang Puck gourmet coffee makers were soon introduced, free Perrier abounded and rumours circulated that staff lunches would soon be catered. A lavish Christmas party thrown at the end of 2006 saw employees head home with iPods and gift certificates worth of up to $1,000. The grand prize was a lease on a Toyota Prius. Fittingly, Nye dressed as Santa for the event. "It was amazing while it lasted," says another former employee.

Even as the perks flowed, many Geosign employees, especially those the company hired in 2006 to start developing a new online publishing division of the business, weren't necessarily aware of where the money was coming from, especially as the websites they designed struggled to find an audience. "It didn't make any sense to me," says another former employee - one of many contacted through a Facebook group set up after the first big round of layoffs last May. "There was all this money around, but the website I was working on had like 1,500 visitors a day."

There were other oddities, as well. One Geosign staffer recalls being asked to work through weekends in late 2006, in order to add text to Web pages that appeared to be nothing but ads. "They told us it could be our B-grade writing," the ex-employee says. "We were writing for strange sites like and And we were just writing a paragraph or two. It didn't seem to matter what we wrote."

The change in atmosphere had everything to do with measures that Google was taking to rein in those doing search arbitrage. This action was a response to two main concerns. First, that the practice was becoming so widespread, it was hurting legitimate advertisers by artificially inflating keyword prices. And second, that if too many keyword-targeted ad links only took users to pages filled with other ads, that users would lose interest and faith in the online ad system. Obviously, with advertising revenue being the key to Google's finances, it had to respond. It did so by expanding the terms of service for its AdSense program (published on its website) to place greater restrictions on the way links could be used and by spelling out detailed landing page and site quality guidelines. A top priority there: relevant and original content. By these standards, a landing page full of ads is inadequate - as this text in its current guideline explains: "Provide substantial information. If your ad does link to a page consisting mostly of ads or general search results (such as a directory or catalog page), provide additional, unique content." Since most companies doing search arbitrage bought both their keywords and landing page ads through Google, it was easy for the company to isolate and monitor them. Non-compliant parties risked being banned from the AdSense program. A simpler tactic, however, saw Google target those abusing the process, raising their fees and making it too costly to continue.

For the moment, Nye and Geosign were still a step ahead. Instead of buying ads and keywords from Google, Geosign had always purchased keywords from the search engine company and directed the traffic to sites filled with ads from rival Yahoo! That meant Google was receiving millions of dollars from Geosign for access to its keywords, but didn't know where the traffic was directed. Given the amount of money flowing to Google, most in Geosign thought the search engine would turn a blind eye.

But not Nye. Geosign insiders say Nye voiced concerns that Google could eventually move against arbitrageurs utilizing the Yahoo! model. That left him with a decision ­- to continue running Geosign and hope Google would continue to accept the company's money even if it didn't like the business model, or to search for something that might one day replace the arbitrage revenue. With the online advertising market for content-oriented sites growing rapidly, Nye decided to move into Web publishing. He purchased still more domain names and began hiring staff to create "webzines" focused on everything from sports to travel. Nye's plan, insiders say, was to develop a legitimate content business before Google cracked down on its arbitrage angle. This explains why Geosign quickly began hiring so many reporters and editors, and why it begin to talk about itself as a big-time online media play.

Nye knew he had to move fast. He also knew he needed to make acquisitions on both the content and advertising sides of the business. That would require more cash than Geosign had on its own. Soon, Nye began seeking venture capital and private-equity investments. In early 2007, American Capital, which calls itself an "alternative asset" management firm, won out over several suitors.

The deal was announced in the first week of March. But even that had an odd twist. Nye was not available for any interviews, with the exception of some comments he gave to a couple of tech industry bloggers. In one case, he said the money was critical to his "BFE - big empire strategy. I forget what the ?f' stands for." For his part, Hastings only spoke publicly for a very short time before he, too, clammed up.

A source inside the company says their behaviour stemmed from fears that the more they talked, the more they would attract Google's attention. For this same reason, some insiders had apparently advised against partnering up with American Capital prior to the deal, because it was a public company and therefore had to disclose the investment.

While no one at American Capital would comment for this story, sources say it was well aware of how Geosign made its money and what it was planning going forward. It was, in other words, placing a bet that Google would not take steps that would alter Geosign's lucrative business. "Since we didn't know Google like we do now, the question always was, ?Is someone really going to shut off the kinds of dollars we were paying them?'" a former Geosign employee says. "It turns out the answer was yes."

The end came suddenly, well before Nye and American Capital could reposition the business - in fact they were still hiring new employees in the days leading up to the layoffs. Google had started to look more closely at companies like Geosign, which were buying keywords from Google and ad links from Yahoo! or another provider. And soon Geosign got word that Google would now begin penalizing its Web pages that had "a low landing page quality score" - that is, lots of ads and little or no original content. While Google won't comment specifically about Geosign, sources say it raised the prices it charged Geosign for keywords overnight. "When Google ?shuts you down,' that isn't exactly what they do," explains Jupiter's Scevak. "Instead, what they do is start charging you $50 for what they were charging 10¢ for previously. They make the model financially unfeasible."

Sources say the American Capital deal included provisions whereby it would recover its money if things fell apart. "As any private-equity firm does, they find a way to make sure they come out OK," says one former Geosign executive. "If they are going to put $160 million into a company, they are going to make sure that if something bad happens, they are holding the keys to the castle."

Negotiations dragged on through 2007. Ultimately, American Capital reached a settlement with Nye that saw two new companies created. American Capital got control of Geosign's marketing and advertising assets and spun it off in a new company called Moxy Media Inc., with ex-Geosign CEO Hastings as chief executive. In early January, a spokesperson for Moxy Media confirmed that it has about 50 employees and had recently acquired Florida-based SWI Digital Inc. "Life goes on," says one insider. "You might not be thrilled with where it is, considering what it had been, but search marketing is still a viable business." American Capital's latest securities filings peg Moxy Media's value at US$128 million - which means the sum of Geosign's former assets are worth less than American Capital's original minority investment.

Besides remaining tight-lipped about its Geosign experience, American Capital has apparently tried to keep a tight leash on Geosign's former employees, many of whom were asked to sign a non-disclosure agreement before receiving their severance. An employee who spoke with the Guelph Mercury was sent a letter warning about the repercussions of talking with the media.

As for Nye? He came away from the breakup with what one former executive describes as "assets with little value" - a few domain names, such as and, a few staff and little else. He created a new company called eMedia Interactive Inc., where he is listed as chairman.

A final attempt to contact him to see if he'd be willing to put his version of events on the record for this story yielded a short response. "As part of the transition, I signed a confidentiality agreement, which would prohibit any comment from me," he wrote in an e-mail. "I have some exciting things in the works. But I am not comfortable adding anything else at this time."

In time, he might talk about his new venture, he says, but there is "no benefit for any press at this time." Those close to Nye say he did very well financially with Geosign even before the American Capital deal, has a home in Barbados, and often uses a local service to charter private jets. Even though his dream of creating a publishing empire in Guelph seems to have ended - a handful of staff were recently let go from eMedia - those around him wouldn't be surprised if he resurfaces with another company. "There won't be any penny sales for him," says Estill, who thinks Nye could produce a lasting hit if the right concept catches his fancy. "He knew he was living on borrowed time at Geosign. He had a golden goose - it just didn't lay eggs forever."

ayoooo cepetan serbu, game terbaru pirate king online.

Pirate King Online – Indonesia secara resmi telah dirilis oleh Prodigy Infinitech tanggal 14 Desembe 2012 lalu. Game berbasis browser yang mengambil tema dari manga popular One Peace ini telah menarik minat para pecinta anime tersebut.
Besarnya antusias yang datang,  akhirnya Tim "Pirate King Indonesia" akan meluncurkan server ke-3 Shicibukai yang bisa kamu akses mulai 21 Desember 2012 besok.
Pembukaan server baru juga dimeriahkan dengan event menarik berhadiah mini iPad, Smartphone Blackberry, dan action figure one piece.
PKO adalah game berbasis browser ke-2 yang setelah Canaan Online. Di dalam game ini, kamu bisa merekrut karakter-karakter seperti Luffy, Zorro, Sanji, Nami, Buggy dan karakter lainnya. Masing-masing karakter yang kamu rekrut memiliki ability, attribute dan skill yang unik. Karakter ini akan membantu kamu dalam petualangan ataupun battle PvP.

Killer’s Mother, His First Victim, Was a Gun Enthusiast, Friends Say

NEWTOWN, Conn. — She was “a big, big gun fan” who went target shooting with her children, according to friends. She enjoyed craft beers, jazz and landscaping. She was generous to strangers, but also high-strung, as if she were holding herself together.
Nancy Lanza was the first victim in a massacre carried out on Friday by her son, Adam Lanza, 20, who shot her dead with a gun apparently drawn from her own collection, then drove her car to Sandy Hook Elementary School, where he killed 26 people, 20 of them small children, officials said.
Their family had been disrupted by divorce in 2008. Ms. Lanza split from her husband of 17 years, court records show, and he moved out. Adam stayed with his mother. His former high school classmates said they believed that he had Asperger’s syndrome or another developmental disorder. Ms. Lanza had an older son, Ryan, who did not live with them.
News reports on Friday suggested that Ms. Lanza had worked at the elementary school, but at a news conference on Saturday, the school superintendent said there was no evidence that Ms. Lanza had ever worked at the school as a full-time or substitute teacher, or in any other capacity.
The authorities said it was not clear why Mr. Lanza went to the school.
Interviews with friends, neighbors and local residents, and an analysis of public records, revealed details of Ms. Lanza’s life and death. To some, she was a social member of the community, a regular at Labor Day picnics and ladies’ nights out. To others, she was a woman dealing with a difficult son and maintaining a public face “with uncommon grace.”
Many of those who knew her were at a loss to describe what she did for a living. (Her ex-husband is an executive at General Electric.)
Ms. Lanza, 52, was a slender woman with blond shoulder-length hair.
She often went to a local restaurant and music spot, My Place, where she sat at the bar, according to a manager there who gave her name only as Louise. Ms. Lanza typically came to My Place alone, said another acquaintance, Dan Holmes, owner of Holmes Fine Gardens, a landscaping company in Newtown, who also met her at the bar.
At craft beer tastings on Tuesday evenings, he recalled, she liked to talk about her gun collection.
“She had several different guns,” he said. “I don’t know how many. She would go target shooting with her kids.”
Law enforcement officials said they believed that the guns were acquired lawfully and registered.
Ms. Lanza spoke often of her landscaping, Mr. Holmes recalled, and later hired him to do work on her home.
Last week, he dispatched a team to put up Christmas decorations at her house — garlands on the front columns and white lights atop the shrubbery.
After the work was complete, Ms. Lanza sent Mr. Holmes a text: “That went REALLY well! Two people took care of the gardens and gutters and one decorated. Very efficient and everything looks great! Thank you!”
Jim Leff, a musician, often sat next to her at the bar and made small talk, he said in an interview on Saturday. On one occasion, Mr. Leff said, he had gone to Newtown to discuss lending money to a friend. As the two men negotiated the loan, Ms. Lanza overheard and offered to write the man a check.
“She was really kind and warm,” Mr. Leff said, “but she always seemed a little bit high-strung.”
He declined to elaborate, but in a post on his personal Web site, he said he felt a distance from her that was explained when he heard, after the shootings, “how difficult her troubled son,” Adam, “was making things for her.”
She was “handling a very difficult situation with uncommon grace,” he wrote.
She was “a big, big gun fan,” he added on his Web site.
Neighbors recalled Ms. Lanza as sociable, a regular at Labor Day picnics and “ladies’ nights out” for a dice game called bunco.
“We would rotate houses,” said Rhonda Cullens, 52, a neighbor since Ms. Lanza moved to Newtown with her husband and two children. “I don’t remember Nancy ever having it at her house.”
Ms. Cullens said Ms. Lanza had never discussed an interest in guns with her, but spoke often about gardening — exchanging the sorts of questions typical of the neighborhood: What can you plant that the deer would not eat? Is such maintenance worth the trouble for a house like the Lanzas, perched on the back of a steep hill and scarcely visible from the street?
“She was complaining, ‘Here, I’m doing all this landscaping up here and nobody can see it,’ ” Ms. Cullens recalled.
But for many of those on Yogananda Street, where the Lanzas lived and where the police had cordoned off much of the block on Saturday, the recollections about Ms. Lanza were incomplete.
“Who were they?” said Len Strocchia, 46, standing beside his daughter as camera crews came through the neighborhood. “I’m sure we rang their door bell on Halloween.”
He looked down the block, then turned back to his daughter. “I’m sure of it,” he said.

A Political Brawler, Now Battling for Microsoft

SEATTLE — Mark Penn made a name for himself in Washington by bulldozing enemies of the Clintons. Now he spends his days trying to do the same to Google, on behalf of its archrival Microsoft.
Since Mr. Penn was put in charge of “strategic and special projects” at Microsoft in August, much of his job has involved efforts to trip up Google, which Microsoft has failed to dislodge from its perch atop the lucrative Internet search market.
Drawing on his background in polling, data crunching and campaigning, Mr. Penn created a holiday commercial that has been running during Monday Night Football and other shows, in which Microsoft criticizes Google for polluting the quality of its shopping search results with advertisements. “Don’t get scroogled,” it warns. His other projects include a blind taste test, Coke-versus-Pepsi style, of search results from Google and Microsoft’s Bing.
The campaigns by Mr. Penn, 58, a longtime political operative known for his brusque personality and scorched-earth tactics, are part of a broader effort at Microsoft to give its marketing the nimbleness of a political campaign, where a candidate can turn an opponent’s gaffe into a damaging commercial within hours. They are also a sign of the company’s mounting frustration with Google after losing billions of dollars a year on its search efforts, while losing ground to Google in the browser and smartphones markets and other areas.
Microsoft has long attacked Google from the shadows, whispering to regulators, journalists and anyone else who would listen that Google was a privacy-violating, anticompetitive bully. The fruits of its recent work in this area could come next week, when the Federal Trade Commission is expected to announce the results of its antitrust investigation of Google, a case that echoes Microsoft’s own antitrust suit in the 1990s. A similar investigation by the European Union is also wrapping up. A bad outcome for Google in either one would be a victory for Microsoft.
But Microsoft, based in Redmond, Wash., has realized that it cannot rely only on regulators to scrutinize Google — which is where Mr. Penn comes in. He is increasing the urgency of Microsoft’s efforts and focusing on their more public side.
In an interview, Mr. Penn said companies underestimated the importance of policy issues like privacy to consumers, as opposed to politicians and regulators. “It’s not about whether they can get them through Washington,” he said. “It’s whether they can get them through Main Street.”
Jill Hazelbaker, a Google spokeswoman, declined to comment on Microsoft’s actions specifically, but said that while Google also employed lobbyists and marketers, “our focus is on Google and the positive impact our industry has on society, not the competition.”
In Washington, Mr. Penn is a lightning rod. He developed a relationship with the Clintons as a pollster during President Bill Clinton’s 1996 re-election campaign, when he helped identify the value of “soccer moms” and other niche voter groups.
As chief strategist for Hillary Clinton’s unsuccessful 2008 campaign for president, he conceived the “3 a.m.” commercial that raised doubts about whether Barack Obama, then a senator, was ready for the Oval Office. Mr. Penn argued in an essay he wrote for Time magazine in May that “negative ads are, by and large, good for our democracy.”
But his approach has ended up souring many of his professional relationships. He left Mrs. Clinton’s campaign after an uproar about his consulting work for the government of Colombia, which was seeking the passage of a trade treaty with the United States that Mrs. Clinton, then a senator, opposed.
“Google should be prepared for everything but the kitchen sink thrown at them,” said a former colleague who worked closely with Mr. Penn in politics and spoke on condition of anonymity. “Actually, they should be prepared for the kitchen sink to be thrown at them, too.”
Hiring Mr. Penn demonstrates how seriously Microsoft is taking this fight, said Michael A. Cusumano, a business professor at M.I.T. who co-wrote a book about Microsoft’s browser war.
“They’re pulling out all the stops to do whatever they can to halt Google’s advance, just as their competition did to them,” Professor Cusumano said. “I suppose that if Microsoft can actually put a doubt in people’s mind that Google isn’t unbiased and has become some kind of evil empire, they might very well get results.”
At Microsoft, Mr. Penn has assembled a team of fewer than a dozen people, about two-thirds of whom operate out of offices in Washington, where Mr. Penn lives, with the rest in the Seattle area. It includes some of his lieutenants from politics and from Burson-Marsteller, the public relations firm where he was chief executive before joining Microsoft, a Burson client. Josh Gottheimer, a former senior counselor to the chairman of the Federal Communications Commission, is a recent addition.
“The concept is to create a SWAT team to work with the product teams on some of their toughest problems,” Mr. Penn said.
While typical corporate advertising campaigns can take months to gestate, Mr. Penn’s team is set up to move much faster. It responded quickly in late October when Google completed a change in how it shows search results on its shopping service, displaying product listings only from merchants that paid to be included.
The team conducted Internet polls that found that most consumers were unaware of the change and bothered by it. In time for the holiday shopping season, it put together a campaign warning people that Google results might not include the best merchants or prices.
Google has said its shopping results improve when retailers pay, because they have an incentive to keep their listings accurate.
Mr. Penn has had a long consulting relationship with Microsoft going back to the late 1990s. He is said to be close with both Steven A. Ballmer, Microsoft’s chief executive, and Bill Gates; all three attended Harvard together in the mid-1970s.
Frank Shaw, a spokesman for Microsoft, said the company’s willingness to go after competitors predated Mr. Penn’s arrival, pointing to a video criticizing Google for scanning Gmail users’ messages so it could deliver related advertising.
Marketing campaigns attacking competitors are common, though many technology companies view them as distasteful. Microsoft itself bore the brunt of one of the more brutal and effective negative campaigns, Apple’s “Get a Mac” commercials, which featured John Hodgman as a bumbling PC.
Microsoft executives now concede that they did not effectively challenge the ads. Mr. Shaw himself has tangled with Google executives in combative Twitter and blog posts.
“If any of our competitors say things about us that we don’t think are true, we’re not going to sit on the sidelines,” he said. “We’re going to pop them.”

PSSI morat marit sepak bola indonesia jadi korban

Ketua Umum PSSI Djohar Arifin berulang kali menyatakan bahwa KPSI telah mengganggu kehidupan sepakbola Indonesia. Ia menantang KPSI untuk bertempur secara fair di 2015.

Hal itu dikatakan Djohar di Aquarius Boutique Hotel, Palangkaraya, Selasa (11/12/2012) pagi, terkait ancaman KPSI bahwa mereka akan mengambil alih tugas dan kantor PSSI usai mereka berkongres di Hotel The Sultan, Jakarta, kemarin.

"Yang seperti itu tidak perlu kami tanggapi, karena mereka organisasi yang ilegal dan tidak kita kenal," ujar Djohar.

"Kita inginnya (kekisruhan) ini selesai setelah kongres kemarin. Kita semua berpegang pada legalitas. Yang tidak diakui FIFA ya sudah. Tunggu saja pada kongres 2015. Di situ kita bertempur, silakan yang mau jadi presiden federasi. Kalau mau rebut, rebutlah dengan cara yang fair juga. Jangan ganggu-ganggu terus."

"Kami ini cuma bisa dua minggu honeymoon mengurus PSSI. Baru sebentar bekerja, kita sudah diganggu. Baru tiga bulan, kita sudah mau digulingkan. Ya kita tahulah siapa yang mengganggu," paparnya.

Pada kesempatan yang sama Djohar juga meminta pemerintah bersikap tegas dan commit untuk betul-betul membantu menyelesaikan permasalahan sepakbola Indonesia.

"Kami sangat berharap pemerintah ikut menyelesaikan. Salah satu yang kita minta adalah menerapkan UU Nomor 23 tahun 2005. Kalau landasan hukumnya kuat, penyelesaiannya sangat mudah kalau dasarnya undang-undang kita sendiri.

"Soal legalitas itu sangat perlu. Yang diakui FIFA itu siapa. Yang tidak, janganlah dikasih peluang. Ini yang bikin semuanya jadi kacau balau," simpulnya.

madrid ogah pake mourinho lagi

FOTO:Getty Images/Denis Doyle
Cordoba - Jose Mourinho terkenal sebagai pelatih kontroversial lewat banyak komentarnya yang nyeleneh. Hal itu pula yang dinilai sudah membuat image Real Madrid kini menjadi buruk dan ada baiknya mereka mencari pelatih lain.

Sejak dua tahun berada di Madrid, Mourinho seperti yang sudah-sudah selalu berkomentar pedas jika ada yang menyerang timnya atau dirinya. Ia pun kerap terlibat beberapa kali adu mulut dengan Pep Guardiola atau Jose Manuel Preciado yang kala itu melatih Sporting Gijon.

Tak hanya itu, Mourinho seperti jadi "musuh" bersama bagi media Spanyol di mana masa depan pria asal Portugal itu selalu dispekulasikan belakangan. Ditambah lagi Mourinho diberitakan terlibat perselisihan dengan beberapa pemain bintangnya.

Hal-hal negatif yang mulai terasa di Madrid sejak kedatangan Mourinho tak pelak membuat Los Blancos jadi klub tak populer di mata fans lain yang menilai mereka arogan dan cuma ingin mengumpulkan pemain bintang.

Tak seperti Barcelona yang lebih rendah hati dan diisi banyak pemain akademi. Begitulah penilaian presiden Cordoba, Carlos Gonzalez.

"Saya pikir klub itu butuh pelatih dengan tipe lain. Karena segalanya berjalan tidak baik," ujar Gonzalez diFootball Espana.

"Beberapa tahun lalu, Real Madrid punya pemain dari akademi mereka dan Barcelona membeli pemain-pemain top dan Anda sendiri bisa lihat hasilnya," sambungnya.

"Kini segalanya menjadi terbalik. Kini Madrid yang memberi pemain-pemain top dan Barcelona memakai pemain akademi mereka sebagai solusi. Itulah mengapa mereka bisa sukses."

"Apapun mengenai Mourinho sangat menganggu saya -- dia telah memberikan image yang buruk."

"Musuh kami kini lebih dari teman dan saya pikir mengabaikan pemain akademi adalah kesalahan besar," tuntas Gonzalez.

aceng fikri tak berkutik lagi

Jakarta - Bupati Garut Aceng Fikri (40) mengingatkan kalangan DPRD Garut soal rencana pelengseran dirinya lewat Pansus. Pengacara Aceng, Egi Sudjana, memperingatkan adanya bahaya kerusuhan dari pendukung Aceng yang tidak terima akan keputusan itu.

"Maka, pasti diduga akan terjadi kerusuhan," jelas Egi saat dikonfirmasi, Rabu (12/12/2011).

Egi mengaku, dirinya merapat ke Aceng guna mencegah kerusuhan di Garut. Sebagai orang Sunda, Egi tak ingin di Garut terjadi aksi kekerasan. Egi juga bukan mengancam, hanya memberi peringatan.

"Aceng punya basis massa sendiri, jangan sampai terjadi kerusuhan di Garut," jelasnya.

Sebagai contoh, kala DPRD Garut didemo kelompok anti Aceng pekan lalu, ada ribuan orang datang dan membela Aceng. Egi mengimbau DPRD bisa berlaku arif.

"Ini kan sama Fany sudah damai, islah. Kemudian menikah juga menjalankan perintah agama," jelasnya.

HBO Raih 17 Nominasi Golden Globe ke-70

Jakarta - Saluran Home Box Office (HBO) menerima 17 nominasi di Golden Globe yang ke-70 lewat serial maupun film televisi yang diproduksinya. Pencapaian tersebut merupakan yang terbanyak dibandingkan jaringan televisi manapun selama 12 tahun berturut-turut.

Keseluruhan nominasi telah diumumkan Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA) di Amerika Serikat pada 13 Desember 2012 kemarin. 'Game Change' menjadi program yang paling banyak meraih nominasi di lima kategori.

Sementara 'The Girl' menerima tiga nominasi. Serial produksi HBO Original 'Boardwalk Empire', 'Girls', 'The Newsroom' dan film produksi HBO Original: 'Hemingway' & 'Gellhorn' masing-masing sumbangkan dua nominasi, sedangkan 'Veep' diganjar satu nominasi.

Dari layar lebar, film arahan sutradara Steven Spielberg "Lincoln" mendapat nominasi terbanyak dengan 7 kategori, termasuk kategori bergengsi Best Drama. Film itu akan bersaing dengan "Argo", "Django Unchained", "Life of Pi" dan "Zero Dark Thirty".

Film selanjutnya yang menerima nominasi terbanyak adalah "Argo". Dengan mengambil cerita nyata drama politik di Iran, film yang dibintangi Ben Affleck itu diganjar 5 nominasi bersama dengan film 'Django Unchained' arahan Quentin Tarantino.

Ajang Golden Globe sudah lama dipertimbangkan sebagai ajang penghargaan penting yang menjadi tolok ukur untuk memprediksi pemenang Piala Oscar. Pengumuman pemenang akan dilakukan pada 13 Januari mendatang.

Messi kandaskan rekor gol gerd mueller

 Lionel Messi baru saja mematahkan rekor gol Gerd Mueller dan kini jadi pemain dengan jumlah gol terbanyak dalam satu tahun kalender.
Sudah 40 tahun rekor ini bertahan. akhirnya di pecahkan oleh messi.

rekor terpecahkan pada hari senin lalu tgl. 10/12/2012 , kalo aja tanggal 12/12/12 wah jadi sejarah besar buat messi tuh kayanya :D

Tekuk Liverpool, Villa Turunkan Tim Termuda Mereka Sepanjang Sejarah Premier League

FOTO:AFP/Paul Ellis
Liverpool - Aston Villa tak hanya berhasil menggasak tuan rumah Liverpool dalam pekan ke-17 Liga Inggris. Dalam laga tersebut, ada sebuah rekor yang turut dicetak The Villans.

Melawat ke Anfield yang dipenuhi 44.607 penonton, Sabtu (15/12/2012), Villa sukses mempecundangi The Reds dengan skor meyakinkan, 3-1. Gol-gol Villa dicetak oleh Christian Benteke (menit 29 & 51) serta tambahan dari Andreas Weimann di menit 49'. Sementara Liverpool hanya mampu membalas melalui sang kapten, Steven Gerrard.

Kemenangan Villa ternyata juga diikuti sebuah rekor yang terbilang monumental. Dilansir Infostrada, skuat yang diturunkan manajer The Villans, Paul Lambert, ternyata adalah skuat termuda mereka sepanjang sejarah Premier League.

Rata-rata skuat Villa yang diturunkan Lambert berusia 23 tahun dan 308 hari. Pemain termuda adalah Andreas Weimann, 21 tahun, dan yang paling tua adalah Brett Holman dengan usia 28 tahun--enam bulan lebih tua dari kiper Brad Guzan yang juga berusia 28 tahun. Ada pun susunan pemain Villa dalam laga kontra Liverpool adalah sebagai berikut:

Guzan (28 tahun), Ciaran Clark (23 tahun), Matthew Lowton (23 tahun), Nathan Baker (21 tahun, lebih tua empat bulan dari Weimann), Eric Lichaj (24 tahun), Weimann (21 tahun), Christian Benteke (22 tahun), Brett Holman (28 tahun), Chris Herd (23 tahun), Barry Bannan (23 tahun), dan Ashley Westwood (22 tahun).
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